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This is just various pages I've encountered and haven't figured out if it belongs on one of the other pages, and just might get around to one of these days. There is no particular order to things.
Under the current scheme, things are pretty normal at the top and get less so the farther down the page you go, though nothing is very out there.

Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases
The Federal Register
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Library of Congress
Department of Energy
Nevada EPSCoR Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Science the journal of the AAAS
National Science Foundation
nature the International weekly journal of science
National Geographic Magazine From the National Geographic Society
National Geographic Site Index
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Center for Disease Control Travel Information
CuD - The Computer underground Digest
Scott Yanoff's INTERNET SERVICES LIST. The one, the only, the original..., still useful, even though it hasn't been updated since 5/28/95
Vivian Neou's Interest-group List of Lists
Ohio-State's FAQ Repository
Bigfoot Directory, Inc.'s E-Mail Address Directory
GNN's Best of the Net from The Whole Internet Catalog
Highlights of the December 7th Antique Map Auction are now listed at the Heritage Map Museum
Storm Chaser Homepage No, its not like Twister
John S. Quaterman's Internet Weather Report - tracking bandwidth storms
Geek Site of the Day
Dilbert If I ever work for a PHB again, shoot me. Especially if I've become the pointy haired boss!
The Virtual Tourist
Virtual Vineyards
The Nine Planets
The Abortion Rights Activist Home Page
The Museum of Jurassic Technology what can I say ... have a look for yourself
Archie McPhee Home Page Recreational products for discriminating Sysadmins
Alt.folklore.urban FAQ

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