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I'm a somewhat geeky archaeologist and currently a Master of Arts degree candidate in the Department of Anthropology at UNLV. I have quite a bit of experience with the workstation (Solaris) version of ARCView® and ARC/Info® and way too much archaeological fieldwork experience. At home and for my own research, I tend to use Macintoshes, though much of the GIS world is following ESRI's dubious lead and casting their lot with Windows. Why not Linux, BSD, or MacOSX? At least you can run those GIS applications under emulation on a G4. Linux is a free unix variant and that UN*X experience will be put to good work as we'll use an older Mac and MKLinux as the server and firewall at home. Despite all that, I have to say I don't like computers very much, but I sure like what I can do with them.

During the Late Wisconsonian when I was an undergrad in Kansas, I dabbled in the hard sciences taking Physics, and a lot of Chemistry and Biology. As well, I took history, philosophy, film, literature, ... whatever. I was just window shopping, wandering around the academy. It wasn't until after I attended a joint KU/K-State Archaeological Field School that I finally knew what I wanted to study. I transferred to K-State and majored in anthropology (archaeology really) with Patrica J. O'Brien (Cahokia Ceramics) as my advisor. As well, I studied Physical Anthropology and Osteology under Michael Finnegan, got my first exposure to Anthropological Theory from Martin Ottenheimer, and Ethnomusicology (what a great subject!) from Harriet Ottenheimer, They're all at Kansas State University.

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I've attended the ESRI User Conference for several years, as well as presenting my research at meetings of Society for American Archaeology and the Great Basin Anthropological Conference. I also occasionally attend meetings of the Nevada Archaeological Association, and the Mountain, Desert and Coastal Forensic Anthropologists. One of these days I'll make it to the Kelso conference. Perhaps you'll be at one of those meetings when I am and we can meet each other.

Some things I've done in my copious free time - for nine years (1990-1999) I was the President and Chief Cat Herder of the Nan Hua Zen Buddhist Society in Las Vegas. It is affiliated with The Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun, where I was ordained Chuan Chao Shakya In August of 1998. I do one on one Dharma instruction now. As well, I have been treasurer and on the Board of Directors of the Las Vegas Macintosh User Group.

I've assembled some lists that I refer to often, such as GIS (questions, answers and resources), as well as some things relating to archaeology and anthropology. The miscellaneous stuff ended up over here. There used to be other things but there isn't enough time to keep them current.

Thanks for stopping by!

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