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  Since I have graduated as of December 2001 and separated from UNLV, these pages will be going away when the next purge of expired users occurs. I hope this page has been useful. I have no idea if I will move them elsewhere.

"Archaeology is a beautiful mistress,
but she brings a poor dowry"
- Champollion

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Dealing with the FringeTM, which here includes creationists

I was born in, went to public school, got my B.S. at a State University, and spent the first 25 years of my life in Kansas. This hits closer to home than it used to.

Here are some things if you want to have some facts for dealing with NBC's "The Mysterious Origin of Man", von Daniken, Barry Fell, Graham Hancock, and other Fantastic Arcaheologies including, but not limited to, creationism and Biblical literalism.
The talk.origns archive is an excellent starting point for scientific background on the refutation of the arguments of creationists (scientific creationism is an oxymoron).

Other Resources

This is constantly in a state of flux as sites become available, move and disappear. If you encounter any problems, link rot, or have any resources you'd like to suggest please contact me.
In no way is this a comphrehensive or complete list, nor am I attempting to represent the work on any of these pages linked from here as my own. Copyrights are held by the page creators, not I.
The thesis still isn't done, but here is a minor reorg. --   Hal


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