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Ian at 9 months

These were taken on July 21, 2002, which was the nine-month anniversary of Ian's birth.

A picture named Ian 9 hshirt wiggle.jpg

What can I say? Ian was very excited about having his picture taken. Check it out, he was wiggling so much his right hand is blurry in this exposure.

A picture named Ian 9 hshirt close.jpg

The 'glamor shot.' Ian, Mom and Dad all got matching Hawaiian clothes from Grandma and Grandpa last Christmas. They have never worn them at the same time.

A picture named Ian 9m sittin pretty.jpg

After a little spit-up mishap, there was a wardrobe change and somehow the photographer caught this shot of Ian. We have seen this expression, but it is very fleeting. What happened to little baby Ian? He looks so grown up!

A picture named Ian 9m painter.jpg

He sure was having fun!

A picture named Ian 9m sit hands.jpg

A more conventional pose for a baby picture. What a happy little guy!

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