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Sunday, June 22, 2003

Mea culpa

For those of you who actually do check this venue, let me apologize for letting it lie fallow for so long. It can be tough to post to a browser-based weblog with a shared computer, tougher if there is one more application to start up.
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Two From Craig

Excellent rundown of Fox News "War as Entertainment" reporting 
Fibbing it Up at Fox by Dale Steinreich
Since the Iraq conflict began on March 20, Fox News has been on a mission to legitimize it. One problem for Fox's protracted apologia is that despite promises of evidence of current weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) by the Bush Administration, the evidence has been ambiguous at best. Unfortunately for the network, I've been keeping a scratch diary of their reports since the war began.

Keep in mind that in the first three weeks of March, before the bombs started officially dropping, Fox was spreading all sorts of Pentagon propaganda. Iraq had "drones" that it could quickly dispatch to major U.S. metropolitan areas to spread biological agents. Saddam was handing out chemical weapons to the Republican guard to use against coalition troops in a last-ditch red-zone ring around Baghdad. Given what we now know about Iraq, these reports seem to be laughable fantasies, but they were effective in securing public backing for the war. The following is a short chronicle of lies, propagation of lies, exaggerations, distortions, spin, and conjecture presented as fact. My comments are in brackets [ ]s.

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I guess it's a soft-headed, lefty-rhetoric cliché to point out how shocking it is that a large percentage of Americans get the majority of their news from the mindless sinkhole known as Fox News.

Since my family and I moved to San Marcos, we have not subscribed to cable, we don't have a satellite dish nor do we have an antenna for our television. We have not watched it, except for rented movies, for 10 months. I do believe we will keep it that way.

We're all Republicans now! 
Digby Phone Home

If you listen to Rush and his Boyz in the (wrinkle-free, 250 thread count percale) Hood, over time you will come to realize that there is no problem that will not instantly be solved on the day the last Democrat in America cries uncle and the Party ceases to exist. [more]

Welcome back Digby, we missed ya. Note to BookNotes readers, you really owe it to yourself to check out Digby at Hullabaloo everyday.

[Craig's BookNotes]
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