WordPress 2.1

Via WordPress’ dashboard I see that WordPress 2.1 is out.

WordPress 2.1 “Ella”

On behalf of the WordPress.org community of commiters, contributers, and volunteers, I’m very proud to announce the immediate availability of WordPress 2.1 “Ella”, named for jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald. [more including listing 19 big new features and over 550 bug fixes]

I only have one question, what’s a “commiter?” Are am you me us one?

[Later:] Yeah, that’s immature and snarky. Unless commiter is someone who commits changes to the the code? I dunno… [Immature and snarky stuff deleted because it was, well, immature and snarky.]

[Later later later:] OK, that makes sense. Thanks, Scott.

Anyway, one blog updated without (apparent) breakage. Thus far.

OK, I did hose my Ultimate Tag Warrior tags, but that wasn’t Christine’s fault. I did that meself, to meself. Oops. And they aren’t important enough (IMO) to me to resurrect them from the backup.

Whoops! Wrong plugin. It seems I was using Andrew Grant’s Keyword Tags so the keywords automagically reappeared.

[Later later:] The various admin pages, most especially the ‘Dashboard’, seem much, much faster to load.

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  1. Actually, the concept of “committer” comes from the world of mental health. When someone is to be institutionalized, there’s the “committer” and the “committee”…

    Ok, that was bad. In open source software projects that use version control software like CVS or Subversion, certain trusted developers have the right to “commit” changes.

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