Audrey is in Germany for four weeks dissertating and I have sympathy for her having solo parent duties whilst I was in Tejas for a coupla weeks. Great Ghu, I do not know how single-parents (they are frequently typically single-moms!) do it.

Seven and a half years old is hard to keep up with, much less guide! (Herd? Keep from hurting themselves or you?) Blah, blah, youth is wasted on the young, etc.

We are going to go watch them feed the sharks at the Museum tomorrow as well as doing some piano practice and math drills. BTW, speaking of math and music, today’s NOVA looks interesting!

Some part of those sharks eating pianos or something should keep a therapist in new vacation homes and Jaguars some 30 years hence I’m guessing… (HHOS) Don’t worry, I’m a parent, it’s my job to implant those hereditary neuroses .

It is already way to GD hot here. Officially (as in, they admit to the figure) today it was 108°F (that’s 42°C to the rest of the world) with the promise that ‘summer will be here soon!’ Bah. This is not Groundhog Day, this is Groundhog Climate! Or something. That really didn’t have the ‘punch’ I had hoped for… Oh well, it’s hot. Again. Or is that, ‘still?’

“I know it couldn’t have been this hot last year because I would have moved away.”

Bzzt, thanks for playing, Mister Man. California has earthquakes, the Plains has tornadoes and *snow.* The Gulf coast has hurricanes, the rest of the country has *Winter*, and the Southwest melts your lead fishing weights in your tackle box into one big, ugly mass. You pays your money and takes your climatic medicine. March in the southern Mojave will be tempered by the harsh reality of July in the Mojave. Same goes for the Sonoran, except they have that humidity stuff when the Monsoons come. 6 of one… The snow-birds cheat by running away.

To complain is to cast your vote for survival. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

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