The Other “9/11”

In 1973…

The CIA director in those days was one George Herbert Walker Bush.

I tell myself sometimes that there will come a time when the people in my country wake up. I tell myself that we will throw off the blinders, the television numbness, that we will at long last see the bonds of blood that connect us to our victims, that we will hear their songs in our heads sweetly and relentlessly. I tell myself that the workers and the owners, the fearful people on the edge and the complacent ones behind the stucco walls, the black and white and red and blue will shake their heads, rub the sheen from their eyes and wonder how we could all have been so unfeeling, so ignorant. I tell myself that this nation’s descent into snarling chaos will stop, that we will weep a desperate plea for forgiveness and then start to set things right.

And then I wake up. The rest of the world waits for us in vain. History is already passing us by. [Chris Clarke]

This is not current, Chris posted this last September and I re-stumbled across it.

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