links for 2007-01-17

WordPress 2.0.7 Escapes from Confinement, Climbs Firewall, Runs Free

Bug fixins’ and security patches…

WordPress 2.0.7
Recently a bug in certain versions of PHP came to our attention that could cause a security vulnerability in your blog. We’re able to work around it fairly easily, so we’ve decided to release 2.0.7 to fix the PHP security problem and the Feedburner issue that was in 2.0.6. It is recommended that everyone running WordPress 2.0.6 or lower upgrade to this new version.

Because this is a much smaller update than previous versions, you do not have to update all of WordPress’ files if you’re upgrading from version 2.0.6. Here is the list of files that have changed since 2.0.6: (…) [WordPress Development Blog]

WordPress 2.0.6 Released

You know the drill…

WordPress 2.0.6
We have a pretty important release available for everyone, it includes an important security fix and it’s recommended that everyone upgrade. This is the latest release in our stable 2.0 line, which we’ve committed to maintaining for several more years. …

You can download the latest version of WordPress here.