WaPo Joins NYT, Calls Telecom Amnesty “Victory” for WH; Nightly Newscasts Ignore Vote Altogether

That headline is from Media Bloodhound. I especially liked Glenn Greenwald’s comment on Salon about the status of the Senate’s support for civil liberties:

To conserve resources, newspapers should just create a macro of that phrase — “the Senate handed the White House a major victory today” — and then just program it to be automatically inserted into every article reporting on anything done by the Senate. That system would be foolproof. [Salon via Media Bloodhound]

My Senator, Harry Reid, did not help things a bit. [update:] To be fair to Mr. Reid, did help a bit with his vote, but as Majority Leader he could have done more (IMO). The final vote was 69-29-3 in the Senate.