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blivet – 4/11/2001

Wes has a new logo for Hack the Planet Prime! I like it

ockham’s razor, a new blog. heads up from wood s lot

The 25 top stories buried by the mainstream media in 2000 from Project Censored. “Some of the stories you missed: The bombing of the Chinese Embassy in the former Yugoslavia may not have been an accident. The United States could have stopped genocide in Rwanda. An independent study found that genetically modified foods cause serious health problems in rats. And multinational companies are fighting to privatize and commodify the world’s water supply.” link via Jeff

I’ve been a giant histamine reaction for the last five days and a bit off my feed. I love Spring even if its not very nice back. I hope the rest of you are feeling better. Speaking of you all out there, how’s your back doing Al?

Just a little preliminary page flip action – updates to come.