More About the “Reach” PSA From NASA

Here is some more about the NASA PSA I mentioned last week. I stumbled across this info from NASA’s Exploration Systems Mission Directorate at SpaceRef via NASA Watch.

“”Karen O. Lau and David E. Sanders created the original “Reach” public service announcement (PSA) as part of the NASA Means Business competition in 2003. Information on that effort (and more) is online here.

General information on the annual NASA Means Business competitions can be found here.

NASA and its contractors assisted Ms. Lau and Mr. Sanders in bringing the film to broadcast quality by providing post production assistance, editing, and image compositing. They also edited the sound and images down to the industry standard 30 seconds and broadened the original Mars message to one that now incorporates the Moon and “Beyond” as well.

The PSA has been shown on NASA-TV and the National Geographic Channel and numerous university stations. It was featured at the recent Yuri’s Night celebrations. It will shortly be seen in the lobby displays of Regal theaters across the country.”