Closing out the evening listening to Loreena McKennet’s the book of secrets (Warner Bros 9 46719-2). If you’ve ever pondered after noticing the connection between Celtic music and south Asian (as in India) music you might like it. Loreena’s high Celtic voice with tablas, Irish drums, sitars, and fiddles. Other songs are more conventional “New Celt” or whatever they’re calling it these days. Or, it may not be to your taste. After the Hearts of Space radio show tonight and now this CD playing, I just feel like I’m falling upward into a sky of light with visions of Dervishes spinning, their long white cloaks spreading with their motion, becoming mandalas. Zen is the path of mysticism, and there is no surer way than through sound. It is central in my order…

[] Troubleshooting: Partial lobotomy for M$-infected Macs (FAQ) A good “how to” about which extensions to move and where they need to go. I tried it and amazingly, it works. Now if I could only get rid of the different versions of the Microsoft help application that Adobe applications love to install I’d be fine no you won’t! … Meanwhile, I’m awaiting Illustrator 9 to ship to my house since Avenza’s MaPublisher plugin has been updated and dreaming of the control over text that Photoshop 6 is rumored to have.

Sheila has some delightful pictures of some Allium and Poppy on her page. Which reminds me, its about time to stroll through the Desert Demonstration Gardens at lunch again.

[MacSlash] A daily dose of Macintosh News and Discussion is having its Grand Opening. Based on the open source SlashCode project, its code base is like slashdot, but the content focuses on Macintosh and Apple.

Welcome to MacSlash! Sit back, pull up your mouse, and get ready for a great time. We’ve been working hard these past few days to bring you this new web site, devoted to great discussions on everything Macintosh.

I suppose it really should be MacColon since the Mac file system use neither slashes nor dots … Nah.

I’m listening to this week’s Hearts of Space. It is incredible music.

from mathowie at Metafilter: “The Rhymezone is quick to become the poet and songwriter’s killer app”. Could be, besides finding rhymes, you can also find synonyms, homophones, similar sounding words, match consonants only, find related words, phrases, find similar spellings, search for pictures, and search for definitions.

Folks are musing about six months doing weblogs at EditThisPage. So I had to check. The weblog that came to be called blivet started on December 23, 1999. So I have a ways to go … I’m a late starter (and bloomer). Other folks hitting the six month mark are the Curmudgeonly John Marden and Jeff’s Weblog.

Al reflects and maintains We Will Brook No Babbling…: “Six Months Already?
On 12/04/1999, I made my first EditThisPage entry. So much water underneath the bridge…” These are like public journals, these weblogs we keep and put out there in the hope that folks will find them of some use. You keep a great weblog Al. I stop by daily just to see what’s going on in your world.

I guess I’m coming up on six months too at EditThisPage … I still have no idea what I’m trying to do here except to provide some daily content.

[Book Notes] “Tonight my wife and I are going to see Carmina Burana.” Sounds great guys. Have fun.

[NYT] Rebel Outpost on the Fringes of Cyberspace.

June 5, 2000, may be remembered as the date that a hardy band of true believers tried to establish the first independent colony in cyberspace. On Monday, a small international group of computer rebels plans to introduce what they are calling a data haven.

I’ve been waiting to hear more about data havens for a long time. Gibson’s Neuromancer of course introduced me to the idea, but I think it was Bruce Sterling’s Islands In the Net and the more recent Crypronomicon by Neal Stephenson that has added dimensions and kept it in my imagination. Still, I thought it would happen in the Caribbean or Pacific Rim first.