Internet Groupware for Scientific Collaboration / Draft #3 by Jon Udell. yes, yes, yes! Dave, thanks for the pointer to this!

9 PM PDT It is raining!! Yea! It won’t last long but the cat came in damp and disgruntled and I can smell the wet sage. (Two empirical observations from which I can deduce rain.) Ahhhh.

[James at On Deciding … Better] After an interesting discussion about the ideological wars between Frequentists vs Baysians. (more …)

No rain to speak of today, at least in the NW part of town where I live and work. Audrey has to travel down south to the vicinity of the airport for her job where they apparently did get some rain. After 7 am it continued to get darker in the south while it dissipated in the north part of the valley. So the thunder was an empty promise and we ended up with no rain at the house. Bah.

Lots of good stories out there today, better commented on by a large number of the folks over there to the left. I’m able to read weblogs at work (a little) when I decide to take a break, but we’ve got so much to get done I don’t really want to take the time. I actually don’t want to be distracted by the web at work. Hmm, a part of me is amazed to see that because I am really enamored with the web. I guess I like archaeology more than even I realize sometimes.

** time out for work **

[Reuters] Pacific mood swings longer, deeper than thought. The Pacific is not only the world’s largest and deepest ocean but has mood swings that can last up to 70 years, according to research published on Tuesday. The phenomenon, known as Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) could provide clues that will help scientists better predict the Earth’s climate, said NASA oceanographer Yi Chao. Taking the pulse of the planetary mood … I’m reminded of Liet-Kynes, the half-Fremen planetary ecologist on Arrakis from Dune.

6:50 PDT THUNDER! YES!! We haven’t had rain for over 110 days, it’s time. Some context: we don’t get much rain in a year in the Mojave, less than 3 inches (about 10 cm).

via Rafé at Daily I learned that “The beta of, an online retail site created by a coalition of independent booksellers is now online. If you’re one of those people who hate because they’re killing off the indie bookstores, now you can order online.”

via garret I learned about “common dreams, breaking news and views for progressives.” Depending on your outlook, I suspect you will either be attracted or not.

Science Fiction Weekly Interview: “Actor Robert Beltran is refreshingly honest when it comes to Star Trek: Voyager. Stick a fork in it Braga, it’s done.” (Braga is the the producer of the Star Trek franchise.) I used to love Star Trek. I mean really love it. This was ten years ago when Star Trek: The Next Generation was the only other Trek out there. I used to go to conventions and had autographed pictures of the cast. I still have the autographed copies of the Peter David novelizations. Perhaps it was a Roddenberry thing that dissipated soon after he died, anyway I didn’t care about the story on Deep Space Nine and Voyager didn’t interest me at all. I joked that I had ‘got a life’. Then in the second season of Babylon 5 I awoke to that story and was rabid about that series. TV Science Fiction hasn’t caught me up since except for the X-Files which doesn’t quite feel like Science-Fiction to me.

There was a time ˆ the first couple of seasons of Beauty and the Beast, the second and third season of Babylon 5, the second through fourth season of Next Generation ˆ that my leisure time was filled with those stories and the characters. I’ve tried to give Farscape a chance as well as several other series, but in my view the stories just aren’t there. I’m ripe for a good tale to sweep me away for an hour a week. But its got to have the writing and compelling characters you care about, not just a setting with some actors that have french fries on their noses. original link to this story from Angus at Latté.

There are multi-layered clouds this morning, though it still fells muggy. Perhaps we’ll end our record breaking interval between rains today.