It Is Even Hotter than CNN Says…

Whew. CNN has a story about how hot is is in the west and mentions that it is going to hit 116 in Las Vegas, NV, where we live. Here is a screen shot of the current readings [~1:00 pm] from the weather station at DRI, where I currently work.

[higher res screen cap here.]

117.7ºF at 12:50 p.m. It feels every bit of that. This is not unheard of, it is, however, pretty surprising each time it happens.

[update:] Just for fun (aka, humor me) go to the summary page for the DRI station for July 5, 2007. Scroll down and notice that the max air temperature was 120.0ºF at some point. I have never seen that.

Of course, we could be at Furnace Creek in Death Valley, the lowest point in the U.S. Their unofficial temp today was 128ºF.

No thanks.