SCOTUS: Police Don’t Have to Knock

Conservative SCOTUS Train Laves Station, Gains Speed While Crushing People and Animals. Scalia heard laughing maniacally in locomotive cab.

Police don’t have to knock, justices say [CNN]
Alito’s vote breaks 4-4 tie in police search case

A split Supreme Court ruled Thursday that drug evidence seized in a home search can be used against a suspect even though police failed to knock on the door and wait a “reasonable” amount of time before entering.

The 5-4 decision continues a string of rulings since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that in general give law enforcement greater discretion to carry out search-and-seizure warrants.

President Bush’s nominees to the high court, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, notably sided with the government.

Writing for the majority, Justice Antonin Scalia said disallowing evidence from every “knock-and-announce violation” by officers would lead to the “grave adverse consequence” of a flood of appeals by accused criminals seeking dismissal of their cases.

He was joined by Roberts and his fellow conservatives Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas and Alito. (more)