Eight Years Ago…

My son Ian is eight today. Wow, that went fast! It seems doubly strange to stand the weblog-thing beside my son. I think he looks better! [Than the blog.]

It seems like just yesterday… The event was covered by this blog and even made the Weblogs.com “Top 100,” which was a page ranking system prior to Technorati, which I think is also gone.

Hrmph, that’s making me feel older. 😉

[I just finished baking two dozen cupcakes for his party tomorrow. 🙂 ]

School Picture!

Wow! I see him every day and had not noticed that he was getting to be such a big boy! But the camera shows me that I’m just not ‘seeing’ him how he is.

He’s about 49″ tall and weighs about 46 lbs. Pretty much out on the far quartile for a 5½ year old (OK, 5 years, 7 months).