HigherPie’s ‘Deep Inside Nevada’s EV Numbers v10.0 – Bravo, Nevada!’

As implied, here is HigherPie’s final installment on early voting n Nevada, but first I would like to note their observation about EV in Nevada.

First, Clark County is an absolute model for what every county and state in the country should do with early voting. (…) So, why don’t we all have Clark County’s early vote system? No, really. Why don’t we? I think we should.


And now, just because we can, not only graphics, but graphics displaying data. Mmm, data…

Deep Inside Nevada’s EV Numbers v10.0 – Bravo, Nevada! [dKos]
I feel like my firstborn is moving out of the house and going to college. It’s over. Early voting is all over.

I started this diary series a couple of weeks ago in the hopes that, day by day, I’d be able to point to the numbers and say, “Look! We’re doing better than 2004!” I thought I’d find places where Democrats had marginally higher turnout, or where Republicans appeared to have marginally worse enthusiasm compared to previous elections.

But that’s not what has happened. Instead, I’ve been able to point to the numbers and say, “It ain’t over of course, but right now, we’re blowing this thing wide open. It isn’t even close.”

And it isn’t. Something like 60% of the people who will vote in Nevada have already voted, and unless some inexplicable and unlikely swarm of both Democrats and Independents have jumped on the McSame Express, Barack Obama is up big with possession of the ball heading into the fourth quarter. More sports metaphors available upon request. (more)

You know the tune! All together now, I’m dreaming of a blue Ne-vaaaa-da! Just like the one’s I’ve never known (at least not since 1996). OK, gotta work on the rhyming, but you get the gist.

[this post has been edited because I have apparently lost the ability to spell]