Mid-Terms 2010

Harry Reid wins (NV Sen), Berkley wins (NV CD01), Titus (NV CD03) still uncalled but doesn’t look good for Titus, Reid the Younger (NV GOV) loses, and we shed a tear for Russ Feingold and Alan Grayson.

Without a doubt, this was a rather nasty campaign. I remain an unapologetic Progressive. Leftist. Democratic Socialist. Whatever label they stick on me.

Update: Titus just conceded. Nuts.

An Open Letter to My Senator, the Honorable Harry Reid

Mr. Reid,

The Democratic caucus in the Senate now has *60* votes with the seating of Al Franken (D-Mn). That’s the mythical filibuster-proof majority. Let’s get something done now. When the other party was in a similar position, they do not seem to have hesitated to use that majority to enact legislation that did not seem especially bi-partisan.

Our country is in a economic crisis, we need new usury laws, single-payer health care, the approval of a Supreme Court nominee, funds to close Guantanamo, strong environmental laws and regulations, a myriad of other things, and essentially a return of the the ‘commons.’

It is now time to act, Mr. Reid. The Progressives and Democrats of America are watching.

Thank you for your time,
Hal B. Rager

Dear Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi

I have four things that I feel would go a very long ways to making an awful lot of people (but especially me) feel good about the results of our votes on last November 7.

  • Reverse our plunge towards fascism.
  • Rescind the Patriot Act.
  • Dump the Military Commissions Act.
  • Restore habeas corpus and the Bill of Rights.

These are the really big ones to start with. Most of the stuff I’ve been hearing about is important (minimum wage, health care reform, etc., the ‘100-hour plan’), but perhaps not so much without that little list up there. Those are crucial.

I really, really want my country back.