Careening towards Ostara

Dave at Scripting News has been talking a lot about the whole patent debacle and I have to say, I couldn’t agree with him more. Again. The is also a strong undercurrent of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia in the last several days. Dave characterizes himself as “a hippie writing software” I’m a hippie doing science, I’ve know that for a long time. “To me, being a hippie means having a mind and a heart, and remembering to dance when you get the chance.” -Dave on Scripting News. Right on! Absolutely!

So Dave, if you read this, know that there are a lot of non-software people that are still tech heads of a mildly different stripe out there who read and agree. It may not appear that we’re doing similar or compatible things, but I think we are. We’re both following our path with heart, trying to find that balance between head and soul with a lot of people saying either ‘its not going to be that way’ or ‘you can’t do that’. And frankly, I miss Jerry too. A lot. I will survive.

I’m gonna be late, gotta go to …

[Burnt Rock Mound] Today is a day with soil expert Doug Merkler. This is a chance to fill in some gaps in knowledge and technique, a fun day. I’ve been looking forward to this one for some time.

It seems appropriate as we near the Spring Equinox to be deep in the earth, covered with it in fact, as the traditional growing season begins. The Spiral Dance continues as we circle toward the center, passing through the cycle again, arriving at the same place in the circle but farther in the spiral heading towards the center where all things are known.