Like the Thrashing of Dying Dinosaurs

Dave says he ‘makes this shit up’ which may well be true. I respect him more for that. He also says, “I know not whereof I speak.” And that, I think, just shows how full of shit he could be. 😉

Which is all to invite you to go read.

Competing Messages: Credibility Crisis

Why should we believe anyone in this administration? These are the guys who told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction so they could advance their radical ideological agenda. Might they not being lying to us now?

Maybe we should not act on what they tell us might happen, and instead respond to what actually does happen. Then do so in a responsible way.

I don’t wish to be a conspiracy theorist here [that has never stopped me! –Hal], there’s plenty of evidence there is a genuine problem. But it isn’t clear to me that the only solution is to saddle the government with $700B of debt that’ll take decades to resolve. Which basically ties our hands in dealing with any of a myriad of other competing problems and priorities. In that context, this almost feels like a scorched earth retreat by the Bush administration. Actually, scorch and salt the earth.

I don’t trust these guys. They don’t think and act like pragmatically rational people. They’re ideological purists who’ve failed spectacularly, and I think they’re lashing out as the sun sets on their ignominious legacy. I think we should wait and see, and then act on what really happens.

I think we might just need to take the hit as well. I strongly suspect that these dinosaurs see their 65MKYA meteor equivalent in the sky and are trying to transfer a generation’s worth of prosperity from the public into their coffers.

Sometimes I feel as though we are poised on the crux of a change of millennial proportions. Sometimes I think they want to sink back into the primordial ooze.

Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.