blivet – Neil Young is a god.

This just in from Mike (blackholebrain): Matthew McDevitt Donellan was born on Wednesday, March 27.

Saturday is Ian’s day with Dad, and it is always a joy. I have yet to figure out how this happy little person could be related to me. Of course all I need do is look at him to know that he is. Still, this sets my pea brain off on the ‘nature versus nurture’ path where I always seem to find dragons when I sift through my own dim archaeology. Was I ever this happy? I mean just plain happy? Oops, I hear incipient fussing from around the corner. Gotta go.

Neil Young is a god.
Crosby, Stills Nash & Young were amazingly good. This was definitely not a nostalgia tour, though only six (I think) of their songs were new to this tour. CSNY played two sets, the second was almost two hours long. Neil Young is nothing short of a music shaman, ridden by the Guitar Loa who takes all within earshot to a series of amazing places.

This should not be construed to imply that the rest of the band was lacking in any way, far from it. They are incredible can still hit all the notes and harmonies (though Steven Stills did strain a bit on one song-[like I could do better, heh!]) and have a catalog of some of the best popular music ever made. IMHO, of course and a good time was had by all. Now I must retire and nurse some strained vocal cords. I taxed them a bit during Rockin’ the Free World

special thanks to Dr. Liz for watching Ian while Mom and Dad went out to play!