WTF iPhone?

My iPhone suddenly decided it had to sync all of my purchased music back to the iTunes library because it wasn’t there. Because I freed up the disk space because I’m getting critically low! When I clicked ‘Don’t Transfer’ it deleted all my music from the iPhone, most of which I ripped from my own CDs.

If Steve Jobs were here, I’d rip out his transplanted pancreas… Grrr. #FAIL

WTF? Over.

OSX 10.5 slips to October

We’re riding so far back on the CPU train (800MHz in the 1st gen flat-panel iMac, 1st gen 12″ AlBook), I no longer think we can see the engineer. This delay will allow us to ride in the 10.3.9 car a bit longer without support for our favorite apps evaporating.

Apple delays Leopard; iPhone on schedule
Apple Inc. said Thursday it pushed back the release of its new operating system, Leopard, until October from its target date of June.

I suspect that even if Leopard would run on either of our 2 Macs, it would be happier on newer hardware. I’m guessing much happier. The iPhone, while interesting, ain’t going to be happening around here, so that’s just data.