A Big Day in the History of Archaeology

Andrew Hemmings — a professional archaeologist [working on the Gault project] at U Texas — writes on the ARCH-L list:

I think I am the first to note in print that both events happened on the same day: August 29, 1927 is the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the 1st Pecos conference at A. V. Kidders camp AND it is the 80th anniversary of Carl Schwachheim finding the first in-situ Folsom point with the bison at Folsom, New Mexico. Numerous authors have noted that A. V. Kidder and Frank H. H. Roberts had to wait for the Pecos Conference to end before heading to Folsom to verify the finds (with Barnum Brown too). (…)

So, Tell your friends! Drink a toast! Today is a very big day to remember in the history of American, nay, World, archaeology!