WTF Edwards? via Steve at Socks & Barney

Like some around Las Vegas, I supported Edwards, in my case after Kucinich left the fray. I really can’t add anything to the chorus concerning Edwards’ stupidity.

I did like how Steve at Socks & Barney put it.

The Democrats have an historic opportunity and Edwards proved to be yet another politician willing to damage his party and his constituents by A) not keeping it in his pants and B) continuing to pursue a political office knowing full well his candidacy could do far more harm than good at this point given the depth of his transgressions.

He cheated on his wife with another woman, yes. But that’s between him and his wife.

He ran for the nomination for president knowing this could and likely would cost the dems badly if the news ever got out. There’s no forgiving that.

This is my main problem with Bill Clinton, btw. The affair was between him and his wife. The real offense is knowing what that misconduct does to the image of his party and subsequently to the causes he claimed to champion.

If Clinton had kept it in his pants…

  • Gore would’ve been elected decisively
  • Gore wouldn’t have had to chose Droopy Lieberman as his running mate in the first place
  • The Republicans and George W. Bush wouldn’t have been ceded the argument of bringing “dignity” back to the White House.

If Gore had been elected…

  • The U.S. wouldn’t have preemptively invaded Iraq
  • If the U.S. had been involved in an overseas conflict, it would be as part of a U.N. force backed by international law (laws we wrote or co-wrote and certainly signed off on) and not some bogus “coalition”
  • FEMA wouldn’t have been run by a horse breeder when Hurricane Katrina hit
  • Justice Alito and Chief Justice Roberts would not be on the Supreme Court for life
  • 4,100 U.S. Soldiers and countless Iraqis would not have died for no good reason in Iraq
  • Torture never would’ve been something to argue about

That is just as much Bill Clinton’s legacy as everything good he’s done.

If he had just kept it in his pants…
[WTF Edwards?]

Who Is Really Ahead in the 2008 Presidential Race?

I know we gravitate to and find reassurances from stories that confirm our opinions, world views and biases (confirmation bias). Having issued that caveat, I note that Mr. Nickolas also includes some of that ‘data’ stuff to support his observations and being one of those acolytes and supporters of the scientific method and reasoning hegemony that seeks to crush all things cute and fuzzy, that appeals to me. The data-based logic, not the crushing of cute and fuzzy things.

I have been troubled by the seemingly constant pundit ‘narrative’ that the Presidential candidates are essentially tied in the polls (except, see Rachel Maddow) when this election cycle, to me, feels like the incumbent Bill Clinton running against Bob Dole in 1996. My most reliable barometers are fairly close to the trunk of the family tree and they are all lamenting the imminent passing of Republican power, for perhaps a generation. (Note: Nickolas’s article was also on The Huffington Post.)

Despite Media Narrative, Obama Leads By Over 100 Electoral Votes By Independent Groups [Mark Nickolas’s blog]
With all the breathlessness over the minute movements in the irrelevant national polls, the one thing no one seems to be noticing is that the electoral map is still trending very poorly for John McCain (R).
I realize that it cuts against the media narrative right now to focus on anything that doesn’t suggest a dead-heat, but it’s quite instructive to see how the independent groups (and even right-leaning ones) currently see the state of the race through the only prism that matters — the Electoral College:

                     Obama  McCain    Margin

Real Clear Politics   322    216    Obama +106    316    209    Obama +107   303    235    Obama + 68          284    147    Obama +137

AVERAGE               306    202    Obama +104


Rage Fatigue, Plastic Dirt and Happy Hour in America: The Audacity of Depression

I love Joe Bageant…

Rage Fatigue, Plastic Dirt and Happy Hour in America
The Audacity of Depression
Joe Bageant

I am not kidding when I say rage fatigue victims have fallen into an ongoing mid-level depression. (Looks to me like the whole country has, but then I’m no mental health expert.) The less depressed victims can be found lurking near the edges of the Obama cult, consoling themselves that a soothing and/or charismatic orator is better than nothing. Obama may yet be borne through the White House portico by a Democratic host of seraphim, but he cannot do much without the consent of a bought and paid for Congress. Only George Bush can do that, and we can only hope God broke the mold after he made George. And like whoever else wins the presidency, Obama can never acknowledge any significant truth, such as that the nation is waaaaay beyond being just broke, and is even a net debtor nation to Mexico, or that the greatest touch-me-not in the U.S. political flower garden, the “American lifestyle,” is toast. But then, we really do not expect political truth, but rather entertainment in a system where, as Frank Zappa said, politics is merely “the entertainment branch of industry.”… (more) [via mark woods]

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