Product Review: LightInSight

A couple of days ago I pointed to the LightInSight, a little car windshield applique that is “especially helpful for taller drivers, drivers in smaller cars, delivery vans and trucks, and drivers with a mobility problem, such as a neck or back problem.” I didn’t mention that I ordered one the same day. It arrived two days later. This is what I think about the product.

Installation was very simple, just dampen the appropriate windshield area and stick it on, smooth side to the window. I returned the driver’s seat back to my preferred location. I had reluctantly realized I could not see out of the bloody windshield about the second day I owned the 4Runner.

Once installed I was distressed at first because the slightly ridged surface of the LightInSight did not give me a sharp view of the lights. It was a bit distorted and I feared that I wouldn’t be able to use it to see. So, I took the 4Runner out for a drive in the neighborhood. At the first light I realized that I could see the light better because the ridges allow you to see the light in the lights more easily. So, even though I can’t see the traffic light housings clearly, I felt that you could see the illuminated lights just fine with the LightInSight. And that allowed me to move the seat back to a much more comfortable position.

In short, the LightInSight restored my ability to see traffic lights when the vehicle is the first or second in the queue. Yea!

Usual disclaimers apply: I have no financial interest, just a satisfied customer, etc.

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