Personal Political Moratorium Declared

My head is about to explode after today’s events including the State of the Union Address. I am going to attempt to do nothing more than observe until the convention.

Having said that, here is the latest dumb internet quiz:

Take the Political Party Quiz at!

You don’t have to give them your personal information, I was going to just close the window but a dialog popped up. “Are you sure you want to navigate away…” and the results loaded.

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One thought on “Personal Political Moratorium Declared”

  1. I hear you on overload. Last year I gave up reading political blogs for Lent. I think it’s a keeper for repeats. And Tsunami Tuesday happens to be (wait for it) Fat Tuesday. And for the first time in like, forever, California has a say. So I’m reading blogs like a mardi gras partier glutton, and on Ash Wednesday (once results are known), I’ll step away from those particular links for 6 weeks. I hope.

    Is it bad that I declared my intentions in the open, rather than in secret? Ah well.

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