Trump tweet attacks CNN with video showing a WWE takedown

My use of social media is not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again! 4:41 PM – 1 Jul 2017 [emphasis added–ed.]

Source: Trump tweet attacks CNN with video showing takedown – CBS News

#45 continues to behave as someone needing a professional evaluation, yet continues to serve as the President. “Modern Day Presidential,” WTF? Are there any adults in the GOP? Hello? Does nothing matter as long as you get the corporations their tax cuts? What do you suspect will happen a couple of years after that?

Why the Medicaid Cap is the Most Horrid Part of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) | naked capitalism

Raise this issue when you call your Senators about their opposition of the BCRA. [You are calling your Senators, aren’t you?]

“… I think the well-supported position that Medicaid caps will create a race to the bottom between the states, ultimately destroying Medicaid, would play well with “moderate” Republicans (like, for example, Susan Collins), so be sure to mention it when you communicate with your Congress critters over the recess, or when you write your letters to the editor.”

The BCRA’s Medicaid cap will create a race to the bottom between the states

Source: Why the Medicaid Cap is the Most Horrid Part of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) | naked capitalism

This came from Garret at dangerousmeta!

Why I’m Not a Democrat –

I read this through twice for some quotable phrases and can only observe that this article is full of them. By all means, enjoy reading this!

Economist Bruce Bartlett is a man of fierce intellectual independence — and courage, too. Telling the truth about Republican economic policies during the George W. Bush presidency got him fired as a senior fellow at a conservative think tank and brought to an end his long career as an esteemed GOP “insider.” Continue reading

Source: Why I’m Not a Democrat –

The Day Prior

So, here we are, a day before the inauguration of the 45th President of the USA, Donald J. Trump. It would seem that there is a collective holding of the breath as we ready to push off this ski run. I think it might be more than a double diamond. I’m not sure if the Ski Patrol will even respond to our pleas or PIEPS signals. “You’re on your own up there, buddy. Maybe you can see if that Heli pilot will come back and get you…/static white noise/”

Seventeen Years Ago…

On this day in 1999 I started this weblog using Userland’s EditThisPage software. Here it still is, 17 years later along with a great many people I have met through this medium. Be well all…

Any Programmers/Coders in The Front Range Area of Colorado?

Are any of you or do any of you know of someone who works as a programmer / coder / whatever in the Denver, Boulder, or Colorado Springs area that we could schedule a job shadow for my son who is a freshman at Wheat Ridge High School in Wheat Ridge, Colorado?

He is most especially interested in being a gaming programmer (of course) but I think anyone who does programming would be a great experience for him at this stage. Thanks in advance!