OK, That Didn’t Answer my Question

The Temptation of Belief [Killing the Buddha]
“When a Buddhist enters a Christian realm, faith without work is difficult to understand, but easy to envy.”

It was like what Buddhists get all the time: If you’re so spiritual, why are you such an asshole?

That really resonated with me, a more direct paraphrase of something that comes up frequently. I think it is easier to write such things than it is to speak them aloud to someone within arm’s reach. It is part of the crux of whole “zen is a cauldron of boiling oil over a roaring fire.”

I am probably presenting all this in such a way that it is coming off all wrong, but I guess that wouldn’t be the first time. Or the final time…

[KtB link via mark at wood s lot]

[disclaimer: I am an ordained Zen (Ch’an) Buddhist priest.]

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