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I am the non-admin personality of blivet tool & die I have been academically trained as a professional archaeologist (MA, RPA) and now live in Arvada, CO. Father, husband, scientist, geek of several trades, and high-functioning Autistic adult. Future planetary expatriate?

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  1. I wish I could be as upbeat and positive about the situation and the future as the article on Asperger’s and IT was. My own experience is 100% in line with the aspies they interviewed.

    My take on why they don’t take better care of us? Because they hate us. They needs us, but they resent that and so they hate us.

  2. Pretty much, yeah, Doug. I’m in a situation where I keep pulling things out of the fire (mapping, GIS/GPS expertise, document publication) and then let go. I went to school with some of these people.

    For the life of me I never want to hear, “I don’t know what we’d do without you.” That means I’ll soon be let go in favor of yet another ‘high-fivin’ white guy’ or ‘serious, career-minded woman.’ It’s another Demon Haunted World moment.

    Sometimes I truly despair, then I remember to take my meds. [HHOS]

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