It’s a Boy!

Ian Lovell Rager

Our son, born at 9:45 10/21/2001

After quite an ordeal, Audrey brought a wonderful baby boy into the world at 9:45 pm on 21 October, 2001. Our biggest concern was the state of his lungs, since he was about five weeks early. The instant he was lifted from his mother he started screaming. I looked at Audrey and said in my best NASA voice, “Houston, we have lung function.” I haven’t stopped grinning since.

Mom is having a bit rougher time, but not for lack of mettle and determination. She’s good pioneer stock that one. Thank ghu for modern medicine. I stayed with her at the hospital last night.

He is still in the nursery, the doctors are concerned about the possibility of an infection since the amniotic sac broke three days before he was born. They let me hold him about 1 am. I did his first feeding (we need some work on the whole suck, swallow, breathe routine), and then rocked and sang to our baby until about 4:30 this morning. Oh Susanna seems to be his favorite. There are some good bass tones in the chorus that he seems to like while lying against my chest. [Obnoxious Oh Susanna midi file with lyrics]

18 3/4 inches (47.6 cm)
6 pounds 4 3/4 ounces (2.84 kg)

This picture was taken in the operating room about a half hour after his Cesearean Birth. Better pictures of baby Rager are on the way. We are still working on his name.

10/23/2001 update:The little guy has a name:

Ian Lovell Rager

Ian is simply a name we like. Lovell was my maternal Grandfather’s given name. According to several of the baby name books we have it is a Celtic name, meaning ‘Wolf’. Ian’s Great-Grandfather was the first generation of his family born in America. Both of Lovell’s parents were part of the Irish diaspora.

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10 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!”

  1. Congratulations Hal and Audrey! And Welcome Baby Rager! What great news. I wish a speedy recovery to Audrey, and health and happiness to your family. 🙂


  2. Congratulations Audrey and Hal! It’s good to hear that the baby is doing fine, and I hope Audrey recovers quickly!



  3. Congratulations!

    You’ll never know a full nights rest again!

    Best wishes to all of you


  4. This picture was taken in the operating room just after his Cesearean Birth. Better pictures are on the way.

    I hope you mean of the baby, not the Cesearean birth! 🙂


  5. Thanks so much David! I think the sleep deprivation may have started early on Thursday when Audrey woke me up with the news of the deluge.

  6. I hope you mean of the baby, not the Cesearean birth! 🙂

    Oh yes! There are some things that we really don’t need to know (and certainly not share) about our spouses, however wonderful they may be.

    Thanks John. I hope things are going well in Iowa. It sounds like you’re battening down the hatches in preparation for winter.

  7. Glad to hear everyone is doing good, especially considering the early arrival. My youngest brother was 4 weeks early and also had some concern for his lungs, he was flown from the small town we lived in to a hospital 300 miles away, spent a week there before returning home. But that was over twenty years ago, neonatal care has made great strides since then.

    He’s big for being that early!

    Again, congratulations.

  8. Thanks Chris!

    He does seem a bit big for five weeks early, at least his weight does. We have speculated a lot about how much larger Ian might have gotten in the next month or so. I don’t think Audrey wants to think about it…

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