Is this thing on?

Just checking, flexing long disused blog muscles…

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I am the non-admin personality of blivet tool & die I have been academically trained as a professional archaeologist (MA, RPA) and now live in Arvada, CO. Father, husband, scientist, geek of several trades, and high-functioning Autistic adult. Future planetary expatriate?

2 thoughts on “Is this thing on?”

  1. I reply to your inquiry in the affirmative, and find its arrival fortunate, as at just this instant I find myself in need of a blivet, the old one having just snapped in half, trying to pry off the lid of an old paint can. Blivets are not made for prying, I knew, but it’s hard to keep one from doing dumb things. I can’t imagine how you manage a whole store full of them, and dies to boot. I currently have no need for a die. The cats and dog died years ago and the wife and I still have mileage, thank you. But a blivet, at your earliest convenience would be much appreciated as the lid is still on that paint can.

  2. Gerd, I must admit that your email address raises questions from a long time ago and, yes, far away. Despite our deep affinity for the blivet, we do not ship them on a regular basis. Their scarcity and if I can be frank, lack of appreciation among the general public have caused me to be hesitant about dispensing them to a situation where they might not be revered as they deserve (IMO, of course). You, happily, seem to be one of the happy few that know and appreciate them. We are happy to hear that you and your spouse still have mileage, that is heartening though we extend our deep sympathies for the loss of your quadrupedal companions. I can heartily recommend a left-handed sewer flute for your can lid removal tasks. Sadly, they are not available here…

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