I think I know why Mitt Romney is so hesitant to release more of his tax returns

I’ve lived and worked around ‘card carrying’ members of the Mormon church — those with the temple recommend — for over 30 years. The only thing that I can suppose why those returns have not been released — IMNSHO — is that the LDS church would find out the Romney has not been fully tithing (contributing 10% of his income) to his church. *That* would be the only thing I can come up with that might cause him to behave this way. Again, In My Not So Humble Opinion. Otherwise why would he not just say, again, that “I paid *all* the taxes I was legally required to pay and not a penny more.”


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2 thoughts on “I think I know why Mitt Romney is so hesitant to release more of his tax returns”

  1. I think the reason he’s not releasing his tax returns is political, not about his relationship with his church. I’m sure he’s tithed plenty and isn’t concerned about the church wanting more. It’s almost certainly income tax evasion (probably legal, but still damaging politically) that he’s afraid to cop to.

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