Heavy Weather on Jupiter

Let’s get back to some phenomena outside our typical experience, shall we?

Jovian Storms Prepare To Duke It Out [SPACE.COM]
[Silly headline, IMNSHO –ed.]

In one corner will be Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, a behemoth of a tempest that is twice as large as Earth and whose 350 mph winds have been whirling for hundreds of years.

Its contender will be Oval BA, also known as “Red Jr.,” a young six-year storm that is only half Great Red’s size but whose winds are just as fierce.

The two are approaching each other now and are expected to have their closest approach on the Fourth of July, according to Amy Simon-Miller, an astronomer at Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland who has been monitoring the storms.

“There won’t be a head-on collision,” Simon-Miller said. “The Great Red Spot is not going to ‘eat’ Oval BA or anything like that.” [Too bad! 🙂 ]

However, the storms’ outer bands are expected to pass close to one another and it’s anybody’s guess what will happen when they do. (more)

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