Happy Holidays!

Whatever and however you celebrate during this time of year, we hope you are enjoying it. We’re two Buddhists celebrating Christmas with a tree and all the trimmings with our four year old son.

During 2004 Ian really didn’t grok that Christmas involved gifting or that is was happening until it was pretty much over. This year Ian began getting excited about it in July. This year the house has lights on it (white, non-blinking)

So, he is taking his final nap prior to Christmas Eve and then Santa will come tonight. Ian is real big on Santa coming with gifts. Which I completely understand since he is the only child of two only children with three doting Grandparents and just doesn’t have any toys or *anything.*

“You can help little Ian or you can turn the page…”   😉

The cat, Dodger, has been enjoying the tree more than any of the bipeds in the house. He looks to be quite comfy if you are small enough to slip under there and nestle among the packages.

So, to my many fellow bloggers as well as Sir Death, Dr. Liz and Eric, EG and Nicole, Jake (wherever the hell you are), Ursula. Chris, Terry (without the Pirates), Ted and Kelly, James and his family, and doubtless many others I have neglected to mention, we wish you a Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanauka, Happy Diwali, Happy Yule, Happy Kwanza, … a very Happy Holy-days.

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