Gambly and Whorish

You say that like it’s a bad thing. 😉

Nate Silver, who does FiveThirtyEight.Com, weighs in on Nevada in his series Road to 270: Nevada.

In addition, over at dKos, HigherPie spins the penultimate entry in the series on early voting in Nevada.

Deep Inside Nevada’s EV Numbers v9.0 – One Day Left
Well here we are. Just four days until Election Day, and only one day left for Nevadans to vote early.

The penultimate day of early voting saw most trends we’ve been chronicling continue, including the “lots and lots of people voted again today” trend.

It’s Barack the Inspirer versus John the Defiler, live in the Silver State, round 9!
Tomorrow is the final day of early voting in Nevada. I have a huge, mega-party diary planned, so be sure to find it at around 11pm tomorrow night [that’s 10/31 — ed.].

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