Friday the 20th

Not nearly as snappy as ‘Friday the 13th’ but ya run with what ya got. Wednesday past was the average last frost day for our area on the Front Range and both of my outdoor weather station sensors reported temps in excess of 90ºF. I think it is going to be a long, hot Summer. Some gardens are in, especially the Russians here in Little Minsk. But they always seem to have about a 4-week jump on the rest of us. I’m not going with any full season plants this year, just ‘micro greens’ and some herbs. I’ve had such bad luck with full season plants (>90 days to maturity). We have a growing season of about 125 days but my tomatoes don’t ripen and my corn ears don’t mature. But my basil from two years ago (none last year) kicked major butt. So, that’s the direction for this year…

What about your gardens?

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  1. Wife Cherie is rototilling today. She raises heirloom tomatoes that a friend of her grows from seeds. Also squash. She’s got raspberries and blackberries and rhubarb, too. Milkweed for Monarchs, and lots of flowers for pollinators. Also a woodland garden in a shady spot, built around a trillium that came up lord knows why in the middle of the backyard, totally volunteer. It’s reproduced, and now there are five or more of them.

    Obviously, she does the gardening. I’m more or less a weed.

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