Just trying to catch up on some things…

I’m getting fairly adept at filling out applications for archaeologist positions at various federal agencies at the USAJobs website. I wish I was getting adept (some practice) at saying, “why yes, I’d love to come in for an interview.” [edits]

It never ceases to amaze me that a 4-year old boy and his Dad both think that peanut butter and jelly is the best lunch ever. For the curious, that’s freshly ground peanut butter with strawberry preserves on wheat bread. Ian even eats the crusts.

Audrey is all setup for tomorrow’s poster session. It’s amazing how good a post-travel nap you can get when you don’t have one ear cocked for little 4-year old voices.

Doug has a great pointer to a Geology.com Google Maps hack that displays the locations of several large meteor impact craters. At first, I wrote “terresterial meteor impact craters” before I remembered that JMARS is a whole ‘nother thing. JMARS is a geographical information system for Mars.

I think Alwin’s kitchen whiteboard idea is really worth exploring.

December is here again. Seems to happen about the same time each year.” [Dave Rogers] I keep encountering variations on this (Thanksgiving, a birthday, etc.) and it just cracks me up every time. Who knew I was an easy mark for chronological humor?

Christmas song mondegreens. Mondegreens are a series of words resulting from the mishearing of a statement or song lyric. Not quite the caliber of rock and roll mondegreens like “the girl with colitis goes by,” “the Revered Bluejeans” or “‘scuse me while I kiss this guy,” but it’s a start.

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