February 20 Lunar Eclipse

These aren’t much, but I’m no photographer either.

For awhile we had good visibility of last night’s lunar eclipse here in southern Nevada. Ian and I went back in to get some coats at about 6:20 pm (PST -0800UT) and got distracted by some dog vs. cat shenanigans. When we got back outside about 6:45 pm, the then partial eclipse was obscured by cloud cover moving in from the east-southeast. The sky is still overcast as I write this the next day. Oh well.

This is a crop from that picture showing the Earth’s shadow (the Penumbra) on the Moon.

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  1. Here in our part of Germany it was cloudy all night – the first day after two weeks of great sunny weather with not a wisp of cloud in sight. The other thing that kept me from watching the eclipse was the fact that it was between 3 and 6 am over here. 🙄

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