ER Followup

Thanks for the emails and comments about Ian’s early morning adventure. You all are fantastic. I should have reassured you and mentioned that he was quite cheerful on the way home and through the rest of today.

Ian was doing our routine of saying ‘hi’ to the city buses, bicycles, motorcycles and birds while driving along (“Hi bus! Where ya goin’?”) and generally making his parents aware that we were the ones holding on to the morning’s events, not him.

The only down moment came when he took his shirt off in preparation for going to bed tonight and saw the band-aid on his arm where the IV was. “That’s my big owie! That hurt!” and started to sniffle. So, we got the T-Rex pj top on ASAP in the hopes that ‘out of sight’ would help.

It did, a little. But it really wasn’t until it was lights out and time to say good night to the luminescent star constellations on his bedroom ceiling that he really started to quit fussing about his arm. And by the time we finished the second bedtime song, he was singing and clapping along.

What a great kid, and you are all a bunch of great people. Thanks!

Oh yeah, farting hasn’t been a problem…

Coming up: Audrey’s trip to Huston next week for The Workshop on Radar Investigations of Planetary and Terrestrial Environments at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in the Center for Advanced Space Studies in the land of TLAs (three letter acronyms).

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