Eight Years Ago…

My son Ian is eight today. Wow, that went fast! It seems doubly strange to stand the weblog-thing beside my son. I think he looks better! [Than the blog.]

It seems like just yesterday… The event was covered by this blog and even made the Weblogs.com “Top 100,” which was a page ranking system prior to Technorati, which I think is also gone.

Hrmph, that’s making me feel older. 😉

[I just finished baking two dozen cupcakes for his party tomorrow. 🙂 ]

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I am the non-admin personality of blivet tool & die I have been academically trained as a professional archaeologist (MA, RPA) and now live in Arvada, CO. Father, husband, scientist, geek of several trades, and high-functioning Autistic adult. Future planetary expatriate?

3 thoughts on “Eight Years Ago…”

  1. Hi Hal,

    As an old Winer-page devotee, I remember the day you announced that you and Audrey were expecting. And then the day that Ian was born. I miss those old editthispage.com days! (Do you have any news of Dan Bowman?) Congratulations to you and Audrey on this auspicious anniversary. Oh, and to Ian too! :-))

  2. Give the spud a hug and a kiss from dr aunt liz. (the second meanest mommy in the multiverse, just because we have not entered poprocks territory yet.) I remember visiting Audrey in the Hosp and seeing the little Olmec baby all swaddled up.

  3. Wow, eight years old already? Happy Birthday to the little goofball! 🙂
    (Who probably isn’t so little anymore…)

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