Creation Debate Rather Irrelevant to Buddhism

from The Buddhist Channel:

Creation debate rather irrelevant to Buddhism

(…)This is a debate, however, that doesn’t engage all religious traditions. For Buddhism, it is pretty much irrelevant. Although the Buddhist religion has a rich store of myths and stories, it is not dependent on a specific cosmological narrative.

What’s more, much of Buddhist philosophy is actually opposed to the idea of creation by a supreme being. This is because it would introduce an arbitrary element (will of a creator) into an otherwise orderly universe. (more)

Pretty good stuff. Later in the article, however, the author, Punnadhammo Bhikkhu, departs from discussing Buddhist things to venture into his own realm to posit the flawed notion that behavior flows from biology.

For instance, in Buddhism and other religious traditions, many thousands of men and women in each generation choose a path of celibate spiritual practice.

Obviously, these people leave no genes and in Darwinian terms, the impulse to monasticism should have been selected out of the race in one generation.

Which extends heritability of traits (like hair color) into behavior/culture (like monasticism). Hmmm — not so much.

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