I’m in Denver, CO!

I’m here with Ian at his Grandparent’s house for the Thursday wedding of the flowergirl from Audrey and my wedding in 1997. Katie is now a college edumificated woman off on her own teaching school in Alaska. I’ll be returning to Nevada on Sunday while Ian will be here until the first week in August. Do I miss 114°F+ temperatures in southern Nevada? Not one freakin’ bit. [It was 115.6°F today.]

Thus far, we’ve been to the Leonardo daVinci exhibit, Da Vinci Machines, and got to see my fellow Anthro gradual school alumni, Claudia Woodman for the first time in like, three years. Hi Claudia!

Temporary Relocation and Hiatus

OK, it’s a vacation. Saturday we are heading to San Diego for some overdue R&R and associated heat avoidance –probably– through next Saturday. The primary thing we have planned is a surf camp for autistic kids on Wednesday.

In addition, there will be Sea World (Ian wants to get splashed by Shamu), the Zoo and Wild Animal Park, LEGOLand, the Museum of Man and doubtless other things. Any suggestions for things to do or not miss?

I’m not sure that the cats will miss us at all since Dr. Liz and her crew will be taking care of them. It’s rough being a cat around here.

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