Any Programmers/Coders in The Front Range Area of Colorado?

Are any of you or do any of you know of someone who works as a programmer / coder / whatever in the Denver, Boulder, or Colorado Springs area that we could schedule a job shadow for my son who is a freshman at Wheat Ridge High School in Wheat Ridge, Colorado?

He is most especially interested in being a gaming programmer (of course) but I think anyone who does programming would be a great experience for him at this stage. Thanks in advance!

New Tech Stymies (Apparently) Old Man

Well, it had to happen. I bugged Comcast/Xfinity long enough about the sucky connectivity at the Blivet Hacienda ver. 3.0 that they sent us a new cable modem/WiFi/internet device via UPS. Today I jousted with the dragon that is improved speed to no avail. I did manage to change the default password to thwart various unidentified hackers (doubtless sympathizers of who know what splinter group) and then it never resolved. I wanted their router to act like a bridge as before, but no… FRACK.

I hate you, technology.

WTF iPhone?

My iPhone suddenly decided it had to sync all of my purchased music back to the iTunes library because it wasn’t there. Because I freed up the disk space because I’m getting critically low! When I clicked ‘Don’t Transfer’ it deleted all my music from the iPhone, most of which I ripped from my own CDs.

If Steve Jobs were here, I’d rip out his transplanted pancreas… Grrr. #FAIL

WTF? Over.

Communications Workers of America ‘Speed Matters’ Broadband Test

This came over the e-mail transom earlier today. Perhaps you would be interested in this effort to improve high-speed Internet access in the United States.

Millions of Americans—especially in rural and low-income urban areas—don’t have high-speed Internet access. Millions more who have, what we in America call, “high-speed” Internet pay much more for slower speeds than people in Europe or Japan.

How fast is your Internet access? How does your speed compare nationwide and around the globe? Are you getting what your Internet provider says you’re paying for?

Take the Communications Workers of America Speed Matters test to find out:

Speed Matters is a public policy and awareness campaign to invest in our nation’s high-speed networks and close the digital divide. Testing your Internet connection speed is an important part of this campaign.

Last year, Speed Matters used tens of thousands of speed tests from people like you to develop a state-by-state report on Internet connection speed. USA Today featured the findings on its front page, reporting that the United States is falling far behind other industrialized nations in high-speed Internet access.

Thanks to the first report, state broadband initiatives were developed in Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, Washington State and elsewhere. It also was used to help convince the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to change its definition of high-speed Internet and to urge the U.S. Congress to adopt a national broadband policy, complete with a broadband map of America.

Speed Matters is getting ready to release its second annual speed test report this summer, and it needs as many people as possible to take the speed test.

You can help with the new report by taking the speed test:

With your help, the second report should make as big of a splash as the first one. Speed Matters is timing the release of the report with the Democratic and Republican national conventions to make sure high-speed Internet access is on both parties’ agendas.

In the 21st century, we all deserve access to quality, high-speed Internet. By taking the Speed Matters speed test, you can help make it happen.


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