WTF iPhone?

My iPhone suddenly decided it had to sync all of my purchased music back to the iTunes library because it wasn’t there. Because I freed up the disk space because I’m getting critically low! When I clicked ‘Don’t Transfer’ it deleted all my music from the iPhone, most of which I ripped from my own CDs.

If Steve Jobs were here, I’d rip out his transplanted pancreas… Grrr. #FAIL

WTF? Over.

Re: Is WordPress A Thankless Community?

Jeff Chandler notes in ‘Is WordPress A Thankless Community?‘ that:

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. Many of the plugin authors I have spoken with throughout the community tell me that very rarely do they ever get a donation let alone a Thank You for releasing their work to the public. Based on the plugin authors feedback, end users demand more features, demand better support, and in the end, have this feeling of entitlement even if the plugin is available without a price tag.

I don’t know about you, but every every plugin author I have used their plugin for over three days, I have donated to. [Wow, that’s really bad sentence construction, isn’t it?]

That includes Ozh, Alex King, and several others whose names don’t immediately spring to mind. (yes, it’s 10:45 on Friday night and I’m too lazy to click on my ‘plugins’ tab).

I guess what I’m saying is, let’s support the hard working programmers out there. Even if it’s ‘free as in beer.’ We’re a community, not a bunch of parasites, OK?

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WordPress 2.6.5 > 2.7 and Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu

Since the Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu has been upgraded to v. 3.0.x, I’ve made the upgrade from WordPress v. 2.6.5 to 2.7.

Having the OADDM plugin available for the u/g to 2.7 deal– breaker, for me at least.

WP2.7 seems fine, well behaved and all that. I am not appreciating the new admin ui. That may take a while…

Firefox 3.0 Feature Restoration

Everyone else probably knew this, but I just found it.

There was a feature fork between the Windows and Mac versions of Firefox when version 2.0 came out. At least on our two G4 machines. In version 1.x, you could grab a site’s favicon up there next to the url, drag it to one of your folders on the bookmark bar and the menu would open, allowing you to place the new bookmark where you wanted it. Slick. Neat.

That stopped for Macs in version 2.x. (Again, at least on our machines.) You could drop the bookmark on a folder, but it wouldn’t open. Provided the tooltip (“I know I can drag this to a folder! Let me do it!”) didn’t block your destination folder.

The Windows version continued the ‘proper’ behavior with 2.0. And I assume with version 3.0, but I haven’t been around a Windows machine since 3.0 came out.

grumble. I guess I should use Camino. That is the Mac application after all… mutter

But for whatever reason, I never stuck with Camino. I tried, but pretty soon Firefox was the default browser again. The slow, cpu hogging, memory eating, default browser. /sigh So, I was just mildly disgruntled with my web browser. Kind of in the background along with the collapse of the housing market and home values, job scarcity and national and international politics. Blah, blah, blah, and then you die. Fine.

Quite accidentally (actually *reflexively* is probably the better term) Twenty minutes ago (I type slow) I drug and dropped a favicon to a folder in Firefox 3.x on my Mac and it just worked! Just as I expected it to.


It is probably somewhere in a “What’s new in 3.0!” document, but I never read those…

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