links for 2006-10-20

Getting More Funding for NASA Space Science

I am a couple of days behind the curve, but I saw this at Susan’s and wanted to pass this along…

Getting more funding for NASA Space Science
Rep John Culbertson put out an urgent call for people to write letters to fellow congressional appropriators about ways to add funds back to the NASA science budget (the Science budget for FY 07 has been gutted).

  • pull funds from areas that the OMB has declared “wasteful,” “obsolete” or “duplicative.”
  • give NASA $1billion from a 6.8billion stash of Homeland Security Funds that haven’t been spent in 3 years (”In other words, make Homeland Security spend $1 billion of their unspent surplus before we give them another $1 billion, and use that $1 billion now where it is needed most for the nation’s security in the future – for scientific research and planetary exploration that NASA is now canceling.”)

Culbertson is really pulling for the Europa mission, which has been declared the single most important mission to the outer planets, and is being pretty much starved out of existence. [2020Hindsight]

Another Conference

We’re in Salt Lake City, UT through the 19th for the 2005 Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Geological Society of America. No presentations or posters from either of us this year.

The GSAs are in the same convention hall that the SAAs were in the end of March, so I have a pretty good idea what Ian and I can do during the days. I think we’ll have a great time!

I imagine poor Dodger is getting really tired of seeing Dr. Liz on a daily basis (he is being boarded at her clinic). But, he gets his kitty juice (thyroid meds) twice a day just like he should. I’ll ask a neighbor to check the mail and watch for UPS deliveries, but I’m not sure I would ask anyone but a professional to squirt a syringe full of goo down my 15 pound tom cat’s throat twice a day. Yes, he still has all his claws and isn’t shy about using them.

blivet 4/5/2000

[Thanks!] David Anderson who does MontanaNewsDaily in this neck of the woods gave blivet a mention back on the 31st of March. Thanks David!

[Internet World] Apple’s QuickTime 4.1.1 is available by using use your QuickTime Updater if it is installed or download the full installer. Its worth noting that it will replace the new Sound Manager extension just installed by OS 9.0.4, so save a copy before you update. Apple also announced that Darwin 1.0, the BSD open source underpinnings of OS X, is available for download. update: I did just that when I got home and noticed that the version installed via Quick Time has a higher version number than the one installed with the 9.0.4 updater. Now I’m really confused.

[Adobe] Adobe recently announced their Create a PDF Online fee based service, which allows you to create PDF files over the Web.

[Space Science.Com] Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and the waxing crescent Moon will near convergence in an area of the sky 9 degrees across. Tomorrow!

[Farewell to Mozilla] Netscape 6 Preview Release 1 is available.

[Mad Science Research Labs] Apple’s wireless Airport base station for 802.11 ethernet can be upgraded to 128-bit RC4 encryption. They’ve got pictures of how to do it, it costs about $300US over the base price of the Airport unit. Just because you don’t think they’re listening doesn’t mean they aren’t. Link from slashdot.

Hmm, isn’t showing blivet as being updated.