Everyone is a Rockstar in the Making

Martin notes: “[W]ithout urge skill is an empty thing.” Which reminds me of, “He’s all force and no vector,” something Jake was fond of saying about a co-worker. Jake ended up as a Chief Master Sergeant with special Ninja Powers™ after 22 years of service to ‘King and Country’.

Which is about right. Vector good.

There was something else I saw (in a feed I think) about perseverance being more important than IQ for predicting success but I can’t seem to locate it just now. That’s ok, I think…

[after a bit:] Ah ha! I had seen it over at Garret’s:

A Penn researcher who studies high achievers says it isn’t I.Q., grades, or leadership skills that leads to success. It’s good, old-fashioned stick-to-itiveness.

Jedediah Smith, b. 1798

On this day, a long time ago, Jedediah Smith was born.

“I wanted to be the first to view a country on which the eyes of a white man had never gazed and to follow the course of rivers that run through a new land.”

Part of his story (as well as other Mountain Men) was used for Jeremiah Johnson. [I have never been clear on whether or not Vardis Fisher‘s Mountain Man was used as a basis for that movie.] He was also the first Anglo-American to reach California overland from the east across the Mojave Desert. He was the first to return east across the Great Basin from California. Nevada’s Highway 6 and Interstate 15 through Utah roughly follows part of his route.

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Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, March 17, 2005:

“Congressman Davis says the investigation may not end with baseball.”

(video clip) Russert [Meet the Press]: ‘What authority does your committee have? Could you look into drugs in Hollywood, drugs in the music industry?’

Davis: ‘Rule Ten, clause 4C2 gives us the ability to hold a hearing on any matter at any time… (end clip)

“Any matter at any time? Enron, Halliburton, no WMDs, Abu Ghraib? And you went with baseball? Way to go!”