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[NY Times] Parents of Newly Diagnosed HF Autistic Children Find Chip Did Not Fall Far From Tree

Your Child’s Disorder May Be Yours, Too [NY Times]
[A]fter Phil and Susan Schwarz received a diagnosis for their son, Jeremy, of high functioning autism, they began to think carefully about their own behaviors and histories.

Mr. Schwarz, a software developer in Framingham, Mass., found in his son’s diagnosis a new language to understand his own life. His sensitivities when growing up to loud noises and bright light, his own diffidence through school, his parents’ and grandparents’ special intellectual skills — all echoed through his and Jeremy’s behavior, like some ancient rhythm.

His son’s diagnosis, Mr. Schwarz said, “provided a frame in which a whole bunch of seemingly unrelated aspects of my own life growing up fit together for the first time.” (more)

Well …, duh!

Not to sound too snotty about geek parents with a fresh diagnosis of high-functioning saying, “he’s not weird, he’s just like me”, mind you. OK, maybe a little. I just keep meeting parents singing this refrain.

Which is just more grist for the notion that all this identified autism is not an fresh and growing epidemic. We are just developing the perceptions that places this particular suite of neurological conditions both in sharper focus and in a larger perspective of our behaviors. Especially when more and more people realize that these behaviors might actually be rather familiar after all. It just has a label now. One that people are really sensitive to now.

Erotic Images Can Turn You Blind

Which is more or less what my Mom told me.

Erotic images can turn you blind [New Scientist]
Researchers have finally found evidence for what good Catholic boys have known all along – erotic images make you go blind. The effect is temporary and lasts just a moment, but the research has added to road-safety campaigners’ calls to ban sexy billboard-advertising near busy roads, in the hope of preventing accidents.

The new study by US psychologists found that people shown erotic or gory images frequently fail to process images they see immediately afterwards. And the researchers say some personality types appear to be affected more than others by the phenomenon, known as “emotion-induced blindness”.

David Zald, from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and Marvin Chun and colleagues from Yale University in Connecticut, showed hundreds of images to volunteers and asked them to pick a specific image from the rapid sequence. Most of the images were landscape or architectural scenes, but the psychologists included a few emotionally charged images, portraying violent or sexually provocative scenes.

The closer these emotionally charged images occurred prior to the target image, the more frequently people failed to spot the target image, the researchers found.

“We observed that people failed to detect visual images that appeared one-fifth of a second after emotional images, whereas they can detect those images with little problem after neutral images,” Zald says.

Where would Las Vegas billboards and cab signage be without these images? Though it could explain why people drive the way they do.