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SCOTUS: Police Don’t Have to Knock

Conservative SCOTUS Train Laves Station, Gains Speed While Crushing People and Animals. Scalia heard laughing maniacally in locomotive cab.

Police don’t have to knock, justices say [CNN]
Alito’s vote breaks 4-4 tie in police search case

A split Supreme Court ruled Thursday that drug evidence seized in a home search can be used against a suspect even though police failed to knock on the door and wait a “reasonable” amount of time before entering.

The 5-4 decision continues a string of rulings since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that in general give law enforcement greater discretion to carry out search-and-seizure warrants.

President Bush’s nominees to the high court, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, notably sided with the government.

Writing for the majority, Justice Antonin Scalia said disallowing evidence from every “knock-and-announce violation” by officers would lead to the “grave adverse consequence” of a flood of appeals by accused criminals seeking dismissal of their cases.

He was joined by Roberts and his fellow conservatives Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas and Alito. (more)


All things are made new every day, every moment. Or, what a difference a good nights sleep makes. I’m sure that it being Friday AND payday doesn’t hurt either

How long will information stored in a digital format last? This is really a Long Now topic. I’ve seen some recent attention in the more mainstream (web)press at BBC News and slashdot. This has been an ongoing discussion in the preservation and library community for some time, I’ve been folowing it for 10 years (I’m an archaeologist) and it was a mature topic when I arrived. The short answer is don’t expect it to last (yet), even in an optical format (CD-ROM) without a great deal of attention to keeping it compatable with software and hardware. Evaluating it every 18 months is not unreasonable. If you are involved with an archive of any size at all you can see what an immense pain this would be.

Echelon remains a topic at Wired: France Agog, Aghast Over,
Echelon ‘Proof’ Discovered and elsewhere I’m sure. The original Echelon reports are available as PDF files from the European Parliament’s STOA Programme. I think this will continue to expand and as the pathways and linkages are uncovered and followed the reality will make the most paranoid positions of a year ago seem niave.

Julie has a theory. "It is a theory about pattern, chaos, humanity and the Web." Thanks to CamWorld, where I first saw a link to it.

The surface collection is completed. Next week will bring some test excavations prior to the heavy equipment moving in. Scrambling, scrambling, always rushing to save what little remains before it is gone forever. Why do we care? How can we not care? This particular archaeological site is the last passenger pigeon, the last spring mound in the Las Vegas Valley. We don’t know how they were used, or even who exactly used them. The geologists don’t really know exactly how they were formed. Don’t get me wrong, they have some ideas, good ones, but we’ve never taken one apart to see how and why. Science must test their hypotheses. In a matter of months families will move into houses that will be built there. Will these people know they are sleeping on top of where Native Americans camped for several millenia? I hope so, we get the chance to tell the story. In a matter of weeks bulldozers will destroy forever what we haven’t salvaged. I’m not anti-progress, far from it. But without a sense of place that history and prehistory provides we’re adrift, just another suburban consumer filling the void where our souls should be with material things. Sense objects. Painted cakes do not satisfy.

I’m privileged to provide information about the past to those who would listen. As a Zen Buddhist priest I am also privileged to provide instruction in Zen to those how are curious about that void they pour their houses, careers, cars, social standing, trophy spouses, and technological toys into. I think that when steps are taken to extinguish the ego (Ego) our lives naturally begin to come into alignment with our true natures. That is where happiness lies, when we become true to ourselves and those around us.


I saw both of these at slashdot:

Two New Zealand scientists think they can explain one of the great mysteries of the natural world – ball lightning. from BBC News very coool

This is a real one and it looks like it could affect everyone

CERT® Advisory CA-2000-02 Malicious HTML Tags Embedded in Client Web Requests
A web site may inadvertently include malicious HTML tags or script in a dynamically generated page based on unvalidated input from untrustworthy sources. This can be a problem when a web server does not adequately ensure that generated pages are properly encoded to prevent unintended execution of scripts, and when input is not validated to prevent malicious HTML from being presented to the user.

long day, late update. My wife received a concussion in a classroom accident at school yesterday (2/1). She’ll be OK, but I’m a bit preoccupied.


late update…

Hubble Space Telescope Back and Better Than Ever from the BBC. Everybody is pointing to this, I’m just piling on.

slashdot thread: "This article in the Arizona Daily Wildcat details the efforts of Rep. Jean McGrath, (R-Glendale), to restrict dormitory visitation, require the installation of Internet filters, and allow students to to use campus Internet connections only for a “specific educational purpose” on all Arizona university campuses."

Bush and Gore in Iowa. Just go to any news site, this story is all over the place. Remember, its just a caucus!