Goodbye, Facebook…

Sensing the ‘net, garret signal boosted Kevin Bankston’s post: Want to stop info of yours from going out over Facebook’s API? and I followed the instructions therein.

By opting out of Facebook’s The Platform I can no longer share my blog posts as a Facebook posting. After a bit, I decided that was just fine.

“So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice” —Carl Spangler Caddyshack

Beyond Troubling: The Obama Administration and Habeas Corpus

Like Rafe, I am concerned because “[o]ne of the biggest reasons I supported Barack Obama was the stand he was willing to take as a candidate against the worst excesses of the Bush administration in prosecuting the war on terror. As such, it is incredibly disappointing to me to see that as President, he is not living up to the principles he espoused before the election.”

I’m not quite ready to queue up Same Old Wine, but I’m feeling a bit tarnished.

Then there’s this from Glenn Greenwald at Salon:

An emerging progressive consensus on Obama’s executive power and secrecy abuses
It is becoming increasingly difficult for honest Obama supporters to dismiss away or even minimize these criticisms and, especially, to malign the motives of critics. After all, the Obama DOJ’s embrace of many (though by no means all) of the most radical and extremist Bush/Cheney positions — and the contradictions between Obama’s campaign claims and his actions as President — are now so glaring and severe that the harshest denunciations of Obama’s actions are coming from those who, during the Bush years, were held up by liberals and by Obama supporters as the most trustworthy and praiseworthy authorities on these matters.

Furrfu! Gotta pass that health care reform or it’s gonna feel like a wash.

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WaPo Joins NYT, Calls Telecom Amnesty “Victory” for WH; Nightly Newscasts Ignore Vote Altogether

That headline is from Media Bloodhound. I especially liked Glenn Greenwald’s comment on Salon about the status of the Senate’s support for civil liberties:

To conserve resources, newspapers should just create a macro of that phrase — “the Senate handed the White House a major victory today” — and then just program it to be automatically inserted into every article reporting on anything done by the Senate. That system would be foolproof. [Salon via Media Bloodhound]

My Senator, Harry Reid, did not help things a bit. [update:] To be fair to Mr. Reid, did help a bit with his vote, but as Majority Leader he could have done more (IMO). The final vote was 69-29-3 in the Senate.

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12 Important US Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know

via Eliot:

12 Important US Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know [Follow Me Here]
“…[B]logging has become a veritable land mine of potential legal issues, and the situation isn’t helped by the fact that the law in this area is constantly in flux. In this article we highlight twelve of the most important US laws when it comes to blogging and provide some simple and straightforward tips for safely navigating them.” (Aviva Directory)

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